Question: How do I get into Gchat chat rooms?

How do I access Google Chat rooms?

Join a space from Gmail or ChatOpen Google Chat or your Gmail account.At the top left, click Start a chat .Click Browse spaces. Optional: To preview a space, point to the space name and click Preview. To join the space, in the preview, click Add. To open the space, click Open.

How do Google chat rooms work?

Google Chat is organized into rooms, similar to channels in Slack. Enter one of these rooms, and youll notice that the focus is on threads. Slack offers threads, but theyre optional. Chat puts every conversation into a thread, and users can decide which conversations to subscribe to.

How do you join a Google Hangout chat?

How to join a Google Hangout by starting a new session on a mobile deviceOpen the Hangouts app on your iPhone or Android.Tap Add at the bottom of your screen. If you are using an Android, click New Conversation.Enter the potential guests name and your message that goes along with the invitation.Tap Send.17 Mar 2020

Is Google Chat free now?

Google Hangouts is the chat app built into the free version of Gmail, and it also offers video chat. You can chat with anyone else with a Google account—paid or free. Its great for business calls and equally handy for personal chats.

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