Question: What car is similar to a Mazda2?

Is Mazda 2 the same as Ford Fiesta?

2 Cars Separated at Birth. THE Ford Fiesta and the Mazda 2 are sibling subcompacts, so-called B-segment cars built on what Ford engineers call the B3 vehicle architecture. But they do not look much alike: the cars are intended to project different personalities and attract different buyers.

Is Mazda Demio same as Mazda 2?

While sold across four generations in the domestic Japanese market, the Demio nameplate was rarely used outside of Japan, where it was usually called the Mazda2. The Demio nameplate was retired in 2019 as Mazda changed over to Mazda2 for their home market as well.

What car is like a Mazda?

2019 Honda Fit Though categorized as a subcompact, the Fit makes the most of its svelte dimensions and offers an impressive amount of interior space. It has front seat space thats comparable to the Mazda3 and a cargo area almost as big as the five-door Mazda3, though with a smaller rear seat.

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