Question: What color is Messi hair?

No, Messi doesnt dye his hair artificially red in his free time. Even though the Barcelona superstar is naturally a brunette, his red beard - which differs from the colour on his head - is a result of his unique set of genes. Not all brown-haired people are capable of growing ginger beards.

What colour is Messis hair?

From Cristiano Ronaldos crazy looks to Lionel Messis platinum blonde locks, soccer players make some daring hair moves.

What is Lionel Messis favorite song?

Lionel Messi La Pulga loves cumbia, a genre that originated in Colombia and Panama and that is very popular in Latin America. There is a particular singer that Leo loves and thats Sergio Torres. The footballer met his idol back in 2006, and they have been friends ever since.

Who is Messi Barber?

Emerged as the barber to footballs biggest superstars, Ahmed Alsanawi has started to gain popularity in the soccer world. In fact, in a recent exclusive interview with The Sportsman, Alsanawi commented on Ronaldo and Messis haircut and to everybodys surprise, what Alsanawi had to say wasnt that good.

How did Messi grow beard?

But in the case of Messi, and a few others, the ginger beard is due to having one set of the redhead gene from just one parent. Just one of the mutated MC1R genes is needed for the red hair to grow on other parts of the body - such as the beard and face.

What is Ronaldos favorite song?

Cristiano Ronaldo According to Sports Googly, Christiano Ronaldos favourite song is I Believe I Can Fly by R. Kelly.

What music does Ronaldo listen to before a game?

Cristiano Ronaldo CR7 likes to listen to romantic tunes, of the likes of Alicia Keys, but also enjoys Brazilian music. The Portuguese put together a chart for Beatport, and he included some of the most famous DJs, like Swedish House Mafia and Eric Prydz.

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