Question: What is IsarCard?

The IsarCard is a pass for frequent travellers who are on the move day in, day out. If you make a lot of trips on MVV transport services within a week or month, the IsarCard is better value for money than single tickets, stripe tickets and day tickets. It can also be transferred to other people.

How do I get a IsarCard in Munich?

The IsarCard Semester can be purchased at the following locations:MVG ticket machines (e.g. at U-Bahn stations)DB ticket machines within the MVV network (e.g. at S-Bahn stations)Electronic ticket printers on MVV regional buses.DB travel centre within the MVV network.MVG customer service centres.

Can I take cycle in U-Bahn?

Bicycle. You may take your bike with you on S-Bahn (urban rail) and U-Bahn (underground) trains, as well as on certain regional trains, but there is a charge. Please buy the Bycicle Day Ticket. However, you may only travel with your bike at certain times of the day.

Are bikes allowed on trams Berlin?

Each passenger may only take one bicycle (this includes bicycle-like scooters) or one tandem (only on trains of the regional railway and the Berlin S-Bahn). It is not permitted to take bicycles on buses, minibuses, and trams, unless these means of transportation are equipped for this purpose and marked accordingly.

Which zone is Garching?

Garching (Munich U-Bahn)GarchingFare zone: 1 and 2ServicesPreceding station U-Bahn Following station Garching-Hochbrück toward Klinikum Großhadern (U6) Garching-Forschungszentrum TerminusWikimedia | © OpenStreetMap10 more rows

Are bikes allowed on trains in Germany?

Taking a bicycle on an intercity train You need a bicycle ticket and reservation to take a bicycle on an intercity train. You can book and pay for this conveniently in one step when you buy your ticket for all intercity and Eurocity trains in Germany. The reservation for your bicycle is included in the price.

When can you take bikes on trains?

The actual time varies between train companies, but Peak hours are usually classed as Monday to Friday, morning until 10:00 and then between 16:00-19:00 in the evenings. Bank holidays are excluded from this. Fold-up bike are allowed on all trains at any time of day.

Is The Munich city Pass worth it?

The Munich Pass is very practical. In addition to the use of all public transport in the city, there are also discounts in various museums. Buying a lake is worth it twice. Its just relaxed when you dont always have to buy a new ticket.

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