Question: Is liking Star Wars nerdy?

Liking Star Wars doesnt make you a geek. Star Wars fandom doesnt make you a geek. Its the most popular example of a genre beloved by generations of film fans. Liking Star Wars is not something that makes you different.

What should you not say to a Star Wars fan?

23 Things You Should Never Say To A Star Wars Fan“My favorite character is Jar Jar Binks.”“Of course I love Star Wars! “Han Solo did not shoot first, it was that green guy.”“Well my favorite fight was Yoda vs. “Qui-Gon Jinn suggesting to Obi Wan to go on separate ships was clever.” •Aug 9, 2012

Are nerds really smart?

Technological prowess was never a requirement to be a nerd; only that the nerd be extremely intelligent in any academic area to which they paid attention while ignoring the trivial social scene. Despite being less cool, nerd has definitely achieved a trendier and more complimentary status than dork and dweeb.

What are nerds personality?

A nerd is a person seen as overly intellectual, obsessive, introverted or lacking social skills. Additionally, many so-called nerds are described as being shy, quirky, pedantic, and unattractive.

What are Star Wars fans called?

​ ​Its an exciting time to be a Star Wars fan! But what do these faithful followers call themselves? From “Trekkers” ​and “Ringers” to “Trubies” and “Potterheads,” almost every fan​ community has a funny or clever nickname.

Is Star Wars or Star Trek more popular?

The Star Wars franchise has topped the Star Trek franchise. Star Wars may have produced less work, but the franchise has brought in much more in the box office, and thats without nostalgic TV series backing it up.

Why Star Wars fans are toxic?

A user wrote this in Quora: “When fans attempt to call out legitimate criticisms with the recent Star Wars films, most notably The Last Jedi, they are met with accusations that they are sexists, racists, or infuriated that some fan theory or head canon didnt get fulfilled. In short, theyre labeled toxic.”

Is Star Trek better than Star Wars?

William Shatner argues that Star Trek is superior to Star Wars. Shatner believes that Star Wars was only better than Star Trek in terms of special effects, and that once J.J. Abrams became involved, Star Trek was able to supersede Star Wars on every level.

Is Star Trek 4 Cancelled?

Star Trek 4 hopes appear to have been dashed as theres a new Star Trek movie in the works at Paramount – but its not set to be a sequel to Star Trek Beyond. Back in March 2021, it was confirmed that Star Trek: Discoverys Kalinda Vazquez was writing the script for a new Star Trek movie produced by JJ Abrams.

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