Question: How old is KO in OK KO?

None of the characters on OK KO have real ages. KO is anywhere from 6-11 years old and he turns 6-11 years old every year.

Who is Ko father?

Venomous true identity as Laserblast (and thus K.O.s biological father, though he was not aware of this until recently) is revealed in Big Reveal, and he learns of Shadowy Figures existence in Lets Get Shadowy.

Are Boxman and venomous dating?

That makes Lord Boxman leave Boxmore and end his partnership with Venomous in the episode Dendys Video Channel. Revisited again in other episode parts, Boxman and Venomous are both shown to have matching wedding rings, officially making them a married couple.

What race is Enid?

Enid Demographics White: 79.26% Two or more races: 5.92% Other race: 4.52% Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander: 4.31%

What is KOs real name OK KO?

Kaio O. Kincaid Kaio O. Kincaid (commonly known as K.O.) is the main protagonist of the OK K.O.! Lets Be Heroes series.

Is there a OK KO movie?

Lets Save the Universe (also known as OK K.O.! The Movie) is an upcoming 2020 animated action-adventure superhero science fiction comedy film based on the television series OK K.O.!

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