Question: Has Leigh-Anne left Little Mix?

I went through a really dark time after the music video.” When news of her exit broke, Jesy and the remaining three members – Perrie Edwards, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, and Jade Thirlwall – parted ways on good terms.

Did Leigh-Anne leave Little Mix?

Has Leigh-Anne Pinnock left Little Mix? Nope! Leigh-Anne is still very much a Little Mix member. Jesy Nelson left the band in December 2020 after nine years as she admitted being in the band had taken its toll on her mental health.

Is Little Mix splitting up 2021?

While Little Mix fans are speculating that Leigh-Annes pregnancy could mean the band are set to split up, the girls have a world tour scheduled for 2022, so its unlikely theyre are planning to go their separate ways anytime soon.

Why did Leigh-Anne Pinnock leave Little Mix?

Jesy had opted to leave the group for her own wellbeing and for privacy - another reason Leigh-Anne, 29, might have cropped her out. Jesy left the goddam group, she didnt want to speak of her friendship with little mix in interviews and theyre obvs not besties.

Why did JESY leave?

The star said constant comparisons to her bandmates took a toll on her mental health, prompting her decision to quit. I was bigger than the other three, and theres never really been that in a girl group, Nelson told Cosmopolitan. I was classed as the obese, fat one.

Why has Jesy Nelson left Little Mix?

The 30-year-old recalled that she came to the decision to leave the band after suffering a panic attack while filming the music video for their 2020 hit single “Sweet Melody”. She told the publication: “I did the music video and had a panic attack, and it was pretty mental that day.”

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