Question: Is a Ford Mondeo a good car?

This car is great to drive, reliable, comfy on long trips, eg ,8 hour continental drives brilliant on space and will buy another.

What is the top of the range Ford Mondeo?

High-spec 2015 Ford Mondeo Vignale revealedThe new model will be available as an estate or a saloon and will sit at the very top of the Mondeo range. The Mondeo Vignale is based on the Titanium X trim but adds several premium features on top. •17 Apr 2015

What is the most expensive Ford Mondeo?

Vignale So, the interior of the Vignale – the most expensive version of the Mondeo Estate – has a high-quality makeover and the dedicated Vignale dealer support network promises the kind of service expected from brands such as BMW and Mercedes.

What are the new motor tax rates in Ireland?

What will the changes be as of January 1st 2021?Carbon emissions per kilometreTax cost per annum;171 - 190g/km€600191 - 200g/km€790201 - 225g/km€1,250225g/km and over€2,40011 more rows•Dec 1, 2020

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