Question: What are the 4 Myers-Briggs personality types?

The four categories are introversion/extraversion, sensing/intuition, thinking/feeling, judging/perceiving. Each person is said to have one preferred quality from each category, producing 16 unique types. The MBTI was constructed for normal populations and emphasizes the value of naturally occurring differences.

What are the 4 rarest personality types?

The Rarest to Most Common Myers-Briggs® TypesThe ENTJ – The Rarest MBTI Type. The ENFJ – The Second Rarest MBTI Type. The INFJ – The Third Rarest MBTI Type. The INTJ – Fourth Rarest MBTI Type. The ENTP – 4.3% of the National Sample. The INTP – 4.8% of the National Sample. The ESFJ – 5.7% of the National Sample. •15 Nov 2019

What is the most awkward personality type?

ISFP. ISFPs feel the most awkward when theyre backed into a box and told they have to be one way. ISFPs want to live in a way that feels true to their values, and they like to make spontaneous decisions.

Which personality type is least likely to have kids?

Among Explorers, one personality type stands out in the data: only 59% of Virtuosos (ISTP) expressed an interest in becoming parents, making them the least likely personality type overall to want children. Like Logisticians, Virtuosos Introversion and Thinking trait seem to make them less inclined to become parents.

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