Question: What does NRW mean in Germany?

North Rhine–Westphalia, German Nordrhein-Westfalen, Land (state) of western Germany. It is bordered by the states of Lower Saxony to the north and northeast, Hessen to the east, and Rhineland-Palatinate to the south and by the countries of Belgium to the southwest and the Netherlands to the west.

Where is Westphalia?

northwestern Germany Westphalia, German Westfalen, historic region of northwestern Germany, comprising a large part of the present federal Land (state) of North Rhine–Westphalia.

What is Westfalen?

Westphalia (/wɛstˈfeɪliə/; German: Westfalen [vɛstˈfaːlən]; Low German: Westfalen [vεs(t)ˈfɔːln̩]) is a region of northwestern Germany and one of the three historic parts of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. It has an area of 20,210 square kilometres (7,800 sq mi) and 7.9 million inhabitants.

What is Nordrhein Westfalen famous for?

North Rhine-Westphalia is famous for its nature reserves. The state, which is half pasture land and one third forest, has 14 of them including the Rothaargebirge, Sauerland and Siegerland forests which form Germanys single largest wooded area.

Which is the smallest state of Germany?

Bremen The smallest state is Bremen, which has a total area of just 420 square kilometers. By population, the largest state is North Rhine-Westphalia, which has a total population of over 17 million. Two additional German states have populations of at least 10 million: Bavaria and Baden-Wurttemberg.

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