Question: How do I get a profile on Raya?

Getting yourself a Raya profile really isnt an easy process. According to the website, hopefuls must go through their, multifaceted application process. Applications are assessed based on algorithmic values and input from hundreds of committee members across the world.

What is a Raya profile?

Raya is a private, membership-based, social network application for iOS, first launched in 2015. The application was initially a dating app, but added features to promote professional networking for members of the entertainment industry.

Can you search for someone on Raya?

Unlike Tinder, your potential Raya matches can be from all over the world. You cant filter by location — only age and gender. Theres a “Maps” page to find users near you, but Ryan says its an extra cost to message people near you.

How do I get accepted on Raya app?

Just how to Get Accepted Onto Raya, the Exclusive Dating App for VIPs OnlyStep one obtain a referral from the member that is current. Step 2 have actually a career that is interesting. Step 3 Rack up a serious social networking following. Step four Win over an anonymous committee.16 Jun 2021

How do I apply for Raya?

According to the apps website, Raya admission is a multi-step process. You need to fill out an application viewed by “hundreds of anonymous committee members.” You also need a referral from someone (or, according to some users, a lot of people) already on the app. Then, you wait.

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