Question: Is there sharks in Cape Verde?

Cabo Verde is an immensely important region for several shark, ray and skate species in the North Atlantic and tropical eastern Atlantic. Together, with the local community, we believe that it is not too late to fight for Cabo Verdean sharks, rays and skates as well as local fishermen.

What type of sharks are in Cape Verde?

Bull sharks and tiger sharks are both deep water sharks, you are very very unlikely to encounter them inshore in Cape Verde. What you mostly see in shallow waters are lemon sharks or nurse sharks, very placid animals.

What is Boa Vista like in Cape Verde?

Boa Vista Cape Verde. Boa Vista is just like Sal, a flat and sandy island. When you translate the name, it means Beautiful View. The Portuguese explorers who set foot on the island in the 15th century described it as the most beautiful view they had ever seen.

Is Cape Verde good for scuba diving?

At the meeting between tropical waters and Atlantic currents, Cape Verde is a wonderland for divers of all levels. Diving is so far possible on 3 of the 10 inhabited islands although more dive shops and spots are sure to open as tourism to the country expands.

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