Question: What age is Dave Gilmour?

Is Pink Floyd still living?

The surviving members of Pink Floyd — David Gilmour, Nick Mason, Roger Waters and Richard Wright — said they were “very upset and sad to learn of Syd Barretts death.” He reverted to his real name, Roger Barrett, and spent much of the rest of his life living quietly in his hometown of Cambridge, England.

Is Dave Gilmour sick?

David Gilmour — 452 – Living with Lewy Body Dementia.

Which member of Pink Floyd died recently?

Richard Wright Rick Wright, keyboardist and a founding member of Pink Floyd, died today after a battle with cancer. He was 65. “The family of Richard Wright, founder member of Pink Floyd, announce with great sadness that Richard died today after a short struggle with cancer,” Wrights spokesman said.

Does Dave Gilmour have dementia?

David Gilmour — 452 – Living with Lewy Body Dementia.

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