Question: Wann kam der erste Nightmare on Elm Street?

When was the last Nightmare on Elm Street?

Freddys Dead: The Final Nightmare was released on September 13, 1991, and grossed $34.9 million domestically on a budget of $9–11 million, surpassing its predecessors gross. It received a very negative critical reception upon release.

What happened to Glen in Nightmare on Elm Street?

Death. A fountain of blood bursts from Glens bed after being killed by Freddy. After midnight, Glen was supposed to meet with Nancy at her place. However, Glen fell asleep in bed watching TV and listening to music.

What movie is Nancy watching in Nightmare on Elm Street?

The Evil Dead In the original A Nightmare On Elm Street, Nancy Thompson (Heather Langenkamp) is watching The Evil Dead as she starts to doze off. The sole reason why it was included is based on the fact that a poster of Cravens The Hills Have Eyes appears in Raimis movie.

What is the newest Freddy Krueger?

New Tale: The Demon of Elm Street The 6th and final installment to the prequel series, Krueger: Tales from Elm Street, steps outside of Freddys world (and into ours) as actor Roberto Lombardi finds himself being haunted b...

Why is Freddy Krueger a killer?

Freddy tortures animals and engages in self-mutilation, and becomes a serial killer by murdering the children of people who had bullied him when he was a child. Prior to his murder, he is married to a woman named Loretta (Lindsey Fields), whom he eventually also murders.

Who died on the bed in Nightmare on Elm Street?

Long story long: Before we get to the bed geyser we have to talk about the showstopper death of Tina Gray (Amanda Wyss). Tina is the first victim of “Dream Demon” Freddy, and her demise makes one hell of an impression.

What did Freddy Krueger do to Nancy as a little girl?

Biography. Freddy Krueger was the Groundskeeper at Badham Preschool, a pedophile and child molester, and he had a more personal connection with the protagonist, Nancy Holbrook, as he molested her and the other preschoolers and she was his favorite.

Who was the first victim of Freddy Krueger?

Tina Gray Freddy Krueger and his first victim, Tina Gray - Halloween Costume Contest at

How did they do the blood scene in Nightmare on Elm Street?

A sheet-lined shoot for the blood was carved out of the middle of the bed, with crewmembers positioned “above” on the outside of the room, poised to pour in the gallons of blood-colored water. With the bed now positioned at the “top” of the room, Craven, strapped into a camera chair, gave the word “go.”

Is Freddy Krueger afraid of fire?

Despite the fact that he sometimes uses it to kill his victims, Freddy appears to be afraid of fire (as it was by fire that he died his mortal death). If fire is used against him in a dream, he can be pulled into the waking world.

Will there be a Freddy vs Michael Myers?

Michael is an upcoming horror film crossover, and the sequel to Freddy vs. Jason. The film continues the story of Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorheess battle, but Michael Myers from Halloween joins the fight.

Is Michael Myers a human?

Loomis vagaries in the original Halloween movie: Michael Myers isnt a man, but pure evil in human shape. The reference to him transcending isnt necessarily supernatural, but could describe the way in which his infamy and the fear of him grows with every life he takes.

What does Jason say when he whispers?

According to IMDb, composer Harry Manfredinis film score is meant to sound like young Jasons voice saying kill, kill, kill; mom, mom, mom, inspiring her to go on a killing spree.

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