Question: Is Azula dead in Korra?

What happens to Azula in Legend of Korra?

Following her emotional breakdown, Azula was put in a mental health facility to recover, though she eventually joined Team Avatar on their search for Ursa, as part of her secret agenda to betray them and usurp the throne from Zuko. Sometime after her exile, Azula returned to the Fire Nation Capital in secret.

Has Azula killed?

In conclusion, no, Azula hasnt killed anyone.

How old is Azula in Korra?

14 Thats right, Azula is only 14 throughout the entire series, which might be surprising to some. This also means theres a two year age difference between her and older brother Zuko.

What bad things did Azula do?

While she was watching Ty Lee perform, Azula had the safety net set on fire, endangering the lives of the performers there- as well as releasing all of the troupes animals, potentially endangering the audience as well. Because the circus was destroyed, it wasnt like Ty Lee had anywhere else to go.

Is Princess Azula mentally ill?

After her defeat, it is revealed in the graphic novel The Promise that she was admitted into a mental institution in the Fire Nation due to her deranged mental state, possibly suffering from schizophrenia. Both in the series and the comics, she is shown to be disturbed by frequent hallucinations of her mother.

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