Question: When did Monchy y Alexandra break up?

In September 2008, the band broke up. According to Monchy, the break up was Alexandras decision. The Caribbean sound of bachata blended with a touch of romanticism. It is the perfect combination to showcase the interpretive abilities of the duo known as Monchy y Alexandra.

When did Monchy and Alexandra break up?

In 2009, Alexandra and Monchy split to each pursue solo careers. She is married to the lead guitarist and arranger of her group, Edilio Nano Paredes, son of Edilio Paredes, the great Dominican bachata guitarist.

Did Monchy and Alexandra break up?

Break up. On September 15, 2008 Monchy announced that the group would be breaking up. He attributed the decision to split solely to Alexandra saying The decision was Alexandras.

Are Monchy and Alexandra related?

Featuring Monchy of Monchy & Alexandra fame, Monchy & Nathalia are a bachata duo who made their eponymous album debut in 2011. Born Ramón Rijo in 1977 in La Romana, Dominican Republic, Monchy rose to fame as the counterpart of Alexandra in the bachata duo Monchy & Alexandra.

Who made Bachata famous?

The earliest bachata originated in the countryside of the Dominican Republic in the first half of the 20th century. José Manuel Calderón recorded the first bachata song, Borracho de amor in 1962....Bachata (music)BachataCultural originsDominican RepublicSubgenresTraditional bachata bachatónRegional scenes4 more rows

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