Question: Who owns live chat?

Where is LiveChat based?

Wrocław, Poland Livechat SoftwareOld LiveChat Software logoTypePublicFoundedWrocław, Poland 2002HeadquartersWrocław , PolandNumber of locations2 offices (2011)12 more rows

Is live chat any good?

Livechat is a good option, they also offer ticket system, apps as Knowledge Base that can have internal or public knowledge base that can be shared with clients. User interface is really easy to use, no need for training, very intuitive.

What is LiveChat?

Live chat is a form of customer messaging software that allows customers to speak directly with a companys representatives — usually those in customer service and technical support and other roles. Live chat is a messaging system for business which works as a pop-up chat window within a companys website.

Does Ryanair LiveChat work?

Ryanair live chat service? If you need to talk to someone right now we suggest you use our Live chat service. An online agent will answer any queries you have in real time.

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