Question: What happened happy couple App?

We are sad to announce that Happy Couple will be closing down. We wish this adventure did not have to end so soon, but due to financial struggles we can no longer sustain the apps activity. We would like to recommend this article if you are interested in trying out a different relationship app.

What happened to the couple app?

Couple, formerly Pair, was a mobile app that provided a mobile messaging service for two people, especially romantic couples. On February 12, 2016, Couple was acquired by Life360. Since April 22, 2019, the app is defunct and the web interface returns Error 503.

What is the happy couple app?

Happy Couple App. The Happy Couple app is available for download on both Apple and Android devices and uses quiz-style games to learn more about what your partner really thinks. Each day you open the app on your own phone and your partner does the same.

Whats up app depression?

Whats Up? is a fantastic free app utilising some of the best CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and ACT (Acceptance Commitment Therapy) methods to help you cope with Depression, Anxiety, Anger, Stress and more!

Is Calm app good for depression?

Calm has even been the subject of a clinical study of college students who used the app over eight weeks—the study found that perceived stress was lower in the group that used Calm than the group that did not.

What games are good for depression?

Games To Play For Better Mental Health UnderstandingFlorence | Loss. Annapurna Interactive. Actual Sunlight | Depression. Will ONeill. That Dragon, Cancer | Grieving. GameSpot Trailers. Hidden Folks | Anxiety and Depression. Adriaan de Jongh. Night in the Woods | Variety. Finji. An Aspie Life | Autism. Gris | Loss and Depression.30 Sep 2020

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