Question: How do you say hello in Ghana?

How do you say thank you in Ghanaian?

Meda wo ase/medaase (thank you)

What is good morning in Twi language?

Twi GreetingsENGLISHTWI GREETINGGood morningMema wo akye OR MaakyeGood afternoonMema wo aha OR MaahaGood eveningMema wo adwo OR Maadwo

How do you say goodbye in Twi?

In this lesson, we look at how to greet and be polite with the Twi dialect of the Akan language....More videos on YouTube.EnglishTwiResponse (Twi)happy birthdaymema wo awoda paLV: meda wo ase (thank you) SV: medaasegoodbye/farewellnante yie13 more rows

What is up in Twi?

ɛdeɛn na ɛrekɔ so?

How do you say good job in Ghana?

Wya Die- Or you have done well. This is the local saying for good job or you are doing great.

What is God in Twi?

Nyame is the Twi word for God.

What does Odo mean in Nigerian?

Odo is a term used to describe the returning dead who spend up to six months with the living during the festival. They appear as male and female masked figures played by men who are members of the death cult society, and whose identity it is required to keep secret.

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