Question: Which is the accurate weather app?

1. AccuWeather. AccuWeather prides itself on the accuracy of its forecasts, and the global weather monitoring companys free mobile app manages to pack a lot into each screen.

What is the top rated free weather app?

10 Best Weather Apps Providing Up-to-date ForecastsAccuWeather. Yet being a free platform, the AccuWeather app serves a lot. RadarScope. The name of the app itself signifies its value. Weather Underground. Flowx. Weather on the Way. Yahoo Weather. The Weather Channel. Carrot Weather. •26 Jun 2021

How reliable is the Apple weather app?

Apples Weather App Apples built-in app is nice to look at, but it needs an overhaul concerning features. It lacks a live radar and precipitation chance for anything but the current day. It gets its data from The Weather Channel, so its certainly accurate, but I am surprised about common features it lacks.

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