Question: What does honk honk mean?

1 : to make the characteristic cry of a goose. 2 : to make a sound resembling the cry of a goose. transitive verb. : to cause to honk honk a horn. honk.

What does a Honk mean in slang?

to make or cause (something) to make such a sound. (intr) British a slang word for vomit. British and Australian slang to have a bad smell.

What does it mean to honk your horn?

transitive verb/intransitive verb. If you honk the horn of a vehicle or if the horn honks, you make the horn produce a short loud sound. Drivers honked their horns in solidarity with the peace marchers.

What does no honking mean?

Post No Honking Signs in residential areas, or post Sound Horn Signs to remind drivers to look carefully and proceed with caution. Signs help direct people and let them know what action is required or prohibited.

What is the opposite of honk?

What is the opposite of honk?compresscontracthideinhalelessensecretshrink

How do you describe a honk?

honk – to make a loud noise using a horn, especially the horn of a car. hoot – to make a short loud sound as a warning. mewl – crying with a soft, high sound. moan – a long, low sound.

Its illegal to use your horn for any reason other than those listed above. A few situations it is illegal to use a horn include: Beeping aggressively at drivers that have annoyed you, Honking at pedestrians or cyclists when there is no risk of collision, and.

What does a car horn sound like?

honk The sound made usually resembles a honk (older vehicles) or a beep (modern vehicles). The driver uses the horn to warn others of the vehicles approach or presence, or to call attention to some hazard.

What is the antonym for fume?

What is the opposite of fume?dissipatedisappearvanishdematerializefadediffusedisperseevaporateevanesce

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