Question: Why is Rube not in Dead Like Me?

Why is Rube not in the dead like me?

After performing his last reap, Rube (who doesnt appear in the movie) has moved on into the afterlife and has been replaced by Cameron (Cusick) as the head of the reapers. He doesnt care what happens to the dead after they pass away and things soon start falling apart.

Who is Rube on Dead Like Me?

Mandy PatinkinDead Like Me Rube John Sofer/Played by

When did Rube die in Dead Like Me?

1927 Though George states that Rube died in 1927, this does not agree with his presence as a reaper when Betty died in 1926.

What happened to Dead Like Me?

The Showtime series Dead Like Me — starring Tony winner Mandy Patinkin and Ellen Muth — has been canceled. Variety reports that the series — about dead humans who escort the newly deceased to the afterlife — has not been picked up for a third season.

What happened to Betty Dead Like Me?

Betty Rhomer (Rebecca Gayheart) died by jumping off a cliff into a river without realizing its height. She was a spunky woman who cant sit still for very long, and disappeared after following a soul into his great beyond, not long after befriending George.

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