Question: Is there a ferry from Aruba to Venezuela?

There are no ferries between the islands or to Venezuela. Whenever we need to travel off the island we take an airplane. It is possible to charter a boat with captain to take you to Bonaire but it becomes harder to find a captain to take you to Aruba, and almost impossible to find one to take you to Venezuela.

Can you travel by boat from Aruba to Venezuela?

There is no ferry service from Aruba to Venezuela anymore. If you only have four days, a trip from Aruba to Canaima will eat up practically all your days, what with the flight to Caracas, connections to Canaima, stay-over at Canaima NP, and return flights to Aruba.

How far is Aruba from Venezuela by boat?

Aruba is a 19 miles (30 km)- long island of the Lesser Antilles in the southern Caribbean Sea. Its a mere 15 miles (24 km) from the coast of Venezuela. On a clear day the Venezuelan mainland is visible from the south-eastern coast.

Is Aruba safe being so close to Venezuela?

For that reason, the Dutch coast guard, law enforcement and defense units support the local authorities. Safety on the islands has a high standard. This means you require no special precautions and staying on the island is considered safe. Please note that all air travel between Venezuela and Aruba has been closed.

Can you take a ferry from Aruba to Bonaire?

If your ideal vacation itinerary involves traveling from Aruba to Bonaire, a distance of about 120 miles as the crow flies, know that you have only one option, which is to fly. There are no ferry services connecting the islands, and only one airline offers inter-island flights.

How long does it take to go from Aruba to Venezuela?

How long does it take to get from Aruba to Venezuela? It takes approximately 5h 41m to get from Aruba to Venezuela, including transfers.

How long is the flight from Aruba to Venezuela?

It takes approximately 5h 37m to get from Aruba Airport (AUA) to Venezuela, including transfers. How long is the flight from Aruba Airport (AUA) to Venezuela? There is no direct flight from Aruba Airport to Cucuta Airport. The quickest flight takes 4h 20m and has one stopover.

Is it safe to swim in Aruba?

In Aruba, almost all beaches have no lifeguard so you need to seek advice before you swim. Swimming alone is not safe. Be aware that Aruba has often coral which may cut and pierce the skin. Seek advice before swimming in an unknown area and wear booties whenever you feel the bottom is not all sand.

Are there wild monkeys in Aruba?

Welcome to Aruba. A tiny 19.6-mile long and six-mile wide island off the coast of Venezuela. Its home to camels, monkeys, emus and the occasional anaconda.

North Americans. Aruba has more fame worldwide, and attracts more tourists from its neighboring island of Curacao. Aruba mostly welcomes tourists that are from North America. Curacao is more of a hidden gem to the world, however greatly popular amongst Dutch people and increasingly known in other European countries.

What is the best month to vacation in Aruba?

The best time to visit Aruba is from April to August – a huge window of time when the islands high prices take a holiday. And since the island sits well outside the hurricane belt, theres very little threat of tropical storms at this time. January to March features pleasant weather, but the room prices can soar.

What is the easiest Caribbean island to fly to?

If you are short of time and want to find the quickest non-stop route to reach a tropical paradise island in the Caribbean then we would recommend the Bahamas, Puerto Rico or Turks and Caicos. The Turks and Caicos Islands are probably one of the nicest and most popular destinations in the Caribbean.

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