Question: Where can I use Kein and Keine?

In German, we use “kein” or “keine” if we want to negate a noun. If you choose “kein” and “keine” depends on the gender of your German noun.

How do you use kein in German?

Negating nouns - keinSometimes you have to use kein instead of nicht to make a sentence negative.kein can be translated as:Use kein in two ways:Ich habe keine Geschwister – I have no siblings.Ich habe keine Pizza gegessen – I did not eat (any) pizza. ( literally: I ate no pizza)

What is the difference between EIN and kein in German?

But the negative form of ein (a), which is kein (not a), does have a plural form keine, which means no things. The following words change in the same way as ein and kein: mein – my. dein – your (informal, singular)...Changes in the accusative case.DefiniteIndefiniteNeuterdasein/keinPluraldie––/keine2 more rows

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