Question: Which is the best app for flashlight?

Which is the brightest flashlight app?

11 Best Free Flashlight Apps for AndroidPrivacy Flashlight.Brightest Flashlight.Flashlight LED Genius.Super-Bright LED Flashlight.Flashlight Ultimate.Icon Torch – Flashlight.Flashlight – Torch LED Flash Light.Flashlight HD LED.

What is the best iPhone flashlight app?

Best Flashlight Apps for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Android in...#1. Best Flashlight app for Night Vision-iPhone.#2. Strobe Light: Disco Flashlight App for iPhone.#3. iLights Flashlight control remotely through Apple Watch.#4. Flashlight by Rik.#5. Flashlight for Night Running.#6. Flashlight for iPhone+iPad.Jul 8, 2021

Do all ipads have a flashlight?

The LED flash on your iPhone, iPad Pro, or iPod touch doubles as a flashlight, so you can get extra light when you need it. You can ask Siri, or you can use Control Center on an iPhone with Face ID or an iPad Pro.

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