Question: Why is girl not feminine in German?

The main and most important reason is that Mädchen ends in chen and nouns which are diminutives and end in chen are always neuter. Even young unmarried women were unimportant, hence they were addressed as Fräulein (Words ending in the diminutive lein are also always neuter).

What gender is child in German?

See if you can identify the gender of the nouns in the following examples: Das Kind hat eine graue Katze. (The child has a grey cat.) In this example, das Kind (the child) is neuter; eine Katze (the cat) is feminine.

Is Junge neutral?

Das Mädchen simply means girl (=female child), das Kind means child (= neutral), and for a male child or boy you would use der Junge (old-fashioned der Knabe, southern dialects as well der Bub(e)). As far as I can see, the neutral gender for girl comes from the ending -chen.

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