Question: Are there shark attacks in Cape Verde?

Are there dangerous sharks in Cape Verde?

Bull sharks and tiger sharks are both deep water sharks, you are very very unlikely to encounter them inshore in Cape Verde. What you mostly see in shallow waters are lemon sharks or nurse sharks, very placid animals.

Are there sharks at Cape Verde?

Cabo Verde is an immensely important region for several shark, ray and skate species in the North Atlantic and tropical eastern Atlantic. Together, with the local community, we believe that it is not too late to fight for Cabo Verdean sharks, rays and skates as well as local fishermen.

Are mosquitos a problem in Cape Verde?

Re: Mosquitoes in Cape verde?? We had no problem with mosquitos in Sal in June last year. However, if you are planning on visiting any other islands - take some mosquito stuff.

Is there a lot to do in Cape Verde?

Along with superb beaches and a great year-round climate, the Cape Verde islands offer a wide variety of activities and must-do excursions. There are many different and exciting activities available on the islands in the form of excursions, day trips, island tours and immersing yourself in the local scene!

Does Cape Verde have a rainy season?

Like all tropical climates, Cape Verde has a rainy season. Expect it on the islands from July to October – although September is one of Cape Verdes warmest months, it also sees the heaviest rainfall.

What is the predator of a lemon shark?

The adult lemon shark has no known predators. Some other shark species will prey on baby lemon sharks, but those same species will not pursue adults.

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