Question: What made Ella Mai famous?

An R&B singer and songwriter with a casually commanding voice, Ella Mai wasnt exactly an unknown artist before DJ Mustard signed her to his 10 Summers label, but the U.K. native hit the mainstream in 2018 with breakthrough single Bood Up, a sparkling slow jam that increased in popularity throughout the year.

What is Ella Mai known for?

Ella Mai Howell (born 3 November 1994) is an English singer-songwriter. Her musical career began at Londons British and Irish Modern Music Institute in 2014, during which time she auditioned as part of a trio on the 11th season of The X Factor.

Where has Ella Mai been?

Today, she returns with a new single, “Not Another Love Song.” Variety caught up with Mai, whos now based in Los Angeles, over the phone.

Did Ella Mai attend college?

Queens High School of Teaching, Liberal Arts and the Sciences BIMM Brighton Ella Mai/Education

Where does Ella Mai come from?

London, United Kingdom Ella Mai/Place of birth

Who is Ella Mai signed to?

Interscope Records Ella Mai/Record labels Ella Mai is signed to Interscope Records. In February 2016, she released Time, the first in her EP trilogy. The six-track EP included the single, She Dont, which featured Ty Dolla Sign.

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