Question: When did OK Go treadmill video come out?

The video debuted on YouTube on July 31, 2006, and has been viewed over 53 million times. It premiered on VH1s Top 20 Countdown that same day. OK Go performed the dance routine live at the 2006 MTV Video Music Awards.

What is the music video with the treadmills?

Here It Goes Again Before “breaking the internet” was a thing, OK Go broke the internet. Exactly 10 years ago, the band released their music video for “Here It Goes Again”, and the YouTube era officially dawned upon us. All it took was a few treadmills and some masterful choreography. OK Go never sought to be a viral video band.

What was the first OK Go video?

The first OK Go viral video was an accidental success: the band made a tape of its intentionally goofy stage dance and put it online. It was 2005, the same year that YouTube was founded and the idea of a “viral video” online was just entering the lexicon.

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