Question: Which is better Bamberg or Regensburg?

Bamberg is best in the spring and fall. Regensburg is great too. The walk along the river, the old commercial fishing shops, the cars, and one of the best rock and paleontology shops. Strangely they have a really good golf museum.

Is Regensburg worth visiting?

Regensburg in Germany is totally worth visiting. It is one of Europes most well-preserved medieval towns and has a beautiful town center which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

What is special about Regensburg?

Regensburg is a popular river cruise destination. Visitors are also drawn to this historic city for its wonderful cathedral, its Roman remains, its superb shopping, and its location at the doorstep of the Black Forest and other top tourist attractions in southern Germany.

Is Regensburg safe?

Regensburg is, like many Bavarian cities, a very safe place.

How old is Regensburg Germany?

About 776 years Regensburg/Age

Where is the Bavarian region of Germany?

The Free State of Bavaria (in German: Freistaat Bayern) comprises the entire southeast portion of Germany. It is geographically the largest federal state in the country. Bayern shares international borders with Austria and the Czech Republic as well as with Switzerland (across Lake of Constance).

Why is Regensburg called Regensburg?

The oldest Celtic name given to a settlement near Regensburg was Radasbona, a site where a Roman fort was built around AD 90. It is believed that as early as in late Roman times the city was the seat of a bishop, and St Boniface re-established the Bishopric of Regensburg in 739.

Why is Franconia called Franconia?

Despite its name, Franconia is not the homeland of the Franks, but rather owes its name to being partially settled by Franks from the Rhineland during the 7th century following the defeat of the Alamanni and Thuringians who had dominated the region earlier.

Which city is not on the Danube?

Rome is not situated on the banks of the river Danube. The Danube River flows directly through many significant European cities, including four national capitals – Vienna (Austria), Bratislava (Slovakia), Budapest (Hungary) and Belgrade (Serbia).

What is Regensburg known for?

The picturesque town of Regensburg is known for being one of the best-preserved medieval cities in Europe and also the oldest city along the Danube along with being a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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