Question: How do you use Tango?

How does the Tango app work?

What is the Tango app?Users can make video or audio calls.In addition to calls, users can send and receive: texts, stickers, photos, videos, and location messages.Like Instagram and Snapchat, Tango has filters. Contacts can be grouped together for group messaging.Users can also use Tango to live-stream videos. •Sep 14, 2017

How do I make a call on Tango?

To make a voice or video call using Tango, simply find the person you want to call and tap their name. If the person you wish to call is in your contact list but does not have a Tango account, youll receive a prompt to invite them via text message.

How do I add apps to Tango?

Install the Tango app for Android or iOS. Open the App Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android) on your mobile device, and then: Type “Tango” into the search field. Tap the Tango app in the search results. Tap “Get” or “Install” on the app page and then follow the prompts to install.

Is Tango Free for international calls?

Tango does not use your mobile provider monthly minutes so there are no extra fees or international charges when calling a friend down the street or a family member in another country. ...

How can I see a private tango live?

Tap on the Key icon (on the bottom of the stream window) Select Invite all or select the gifters you want to invite. Tap Start. Congratulations you are now in a Private Live broadcast!

Is Tango a dating site? dating site.

How do you get VIP on tango?

To get a Gold VIP Status, purchase 117,500 coins within a time frame of 7 days*....GOLDYou have a Silver VIP which is 46 000 coins. The first one is made on Monday (week1) and the second one is made on Tuesday (week1)

How do I start Tango premium?

How do I start a Premium Live broadcast on Tango?Click on Orange Camera button to start Tango Live broadcast.On the next page click on The Key icon (on the left)Set the entry fee gift and send invitations to whom you want.Proceed to the Premium broadcast.

How do I recharge my Tango live?

Its easy - just 3 simple steps: Open up on your computer or mobile browser. Log in to your Tango account. Click on Coin Balance and choose the amount to buy.

What is tango free?

Tango is a VoIP app and service that allows you to send free text messages, make free voice calls, and make free video calls to anyone around the world, provided of course they also use Tango. You can do this on your Wi-Fi, 3G, or 4G connection.

Can you make money on tango?

Tangos Referral Program allows you to earn money by telling your friends about Tango! Every time someone signs up using your link, theyre credited to you as a referral. You then receive 10% of all of the diamonds that they earn in their streams for the next 6 months. Everybody wins!

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