Question: What happened to Miklo in blood in blood out?

However, Miklo has been shot by Spider before killing him and while Paco tries to get Miklo to the hospital, he and the other Vatos Locos end up being chased by the police.

Is the blood in blood out mural still there?

San Antonio artist Adan Hernandez (right) off his painting “La Media Luna” with director Taylor Hackford (left) and designer Bruno Rubeo. All three worked on the film “Blood In, Blood Out.” The paintings is now in the collection of The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

Why was there never a Blood In Blood Out 2?

Due to Disney having second thoughts of being associated with this film after the LA Riots and American Mes controversial message, the movie was shelved before finally being released.

Who passed away from blood in blood out?

Adan Hernández Adan Hernández, best known in the film industry as the artist who painted all the artwork for the 1993 cult classic Blood In, Blood Out, died of heart failure last week (May 16) at his home in San Antonio, Texas, at the age of 69.

What year was the movie Blood In Blood Out made?

April 16, 1993 (USA) Blood In Blood Out/Release date

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