Question: Is Cupid day the same as Valentines Day?

Cherubic Cupid Is Everywhere on Valentines Day. But despite his infant form, that baby, widely known these days as Cupid, began his mythological life as a man who had more power than any god.

How do cupids look like?

Although originally portrayed as a slender young man, he is now most commonly depicted as a gleefully chubby baby or small boy flitting around with wings, a bow, and maybe some heart-tipped arrows.

Why is Cupid in Valentines Day?

For the Romans, the character of Cupid was always a cherubic little boy who followed his mothers wishes to make people fall in love. Valentines Day was already becoming popular in the 18th century, and by the turn of the 19th century, Cupid had become linked to the holiday for his love-creating abilities.

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