Question: Is making limoncello illegal?

In some regions, it is illegal to produce your own alcoholic product, let alone sell it for any type of commercial gain. If you used 190 proof alcohol, then it will likely be illegal to ship your limoncello to states where that particular product is illegal.

For the past month or so, San Francisco bars have been in a panic as the ABC (Alcoholic Beverage Control) decided to crack down on a few bars for having infusions. These, it turns out, are technically illegal in California, as are homemade bitters, tinctures, and liqueurs like limoncello.

Is limoncello protected?

Although the name limoncello itself is not protected and can be used even by companies far exceeding the traditional four-ingredient recipe, in 2008, European Parliament enacted regulations that offer limoncello made within specific regions of Italy a location-based stamp of approval called a Protected Geographical ...

Why is making spirits illegal?

So why is moonshine still illegal? Because the liquor is worth more to the government than beer or wine. In 2005, almost $5 billion of federal excise taxes on alcohol came from legally produced spirits. Until 1978, it was illegal to home-brew liquour or beer—and the rules on wine-making were somewhat ambiguous.

Can I sell infused alcohol?

Can I infuse (or mix) alcoholic beverages with cannabis (either as a manufacturer or retailer)? No. There are three specific reasons why this is not permitted. Second, regulations issued by the California Department of Public Health prohibit the sale of “edible cannabis products” as alcoholic beverages.

How do Italians drink their Limoncello?

In Italy, limoncello is often enjoyed as an aperitif (before a meal) or a digestif (after a meal). Regardless, limoncello is often served chilled (but not over ice) to exalt its flavors. Its usually served in a shot glass or a small ceramic cup because of its high alcohol content.

Can I make my own spirits?

You are free to make naturally fermented alcohol for your own use and the development of special alcohol tolerant yeasts has made the production of spirit and liqueur drinks from high alcohol washes (typically 20% abv), a practical proposition.

How do you make a homemade still?

How to Make a Still at HomeSupplies for Making a DIY Still. Step 1: Drill a 1/8-inch Hole on the Aluminum Pot. Step 2: Wrap the Thermometer with Teflon Tape. Step 3: Place the Thermometer in the Hole. Step 4: Secure the Thermometer with Hot Glue. Step 5: Drill a 3/8-inch hole in the Pot Lid. Step 6: File as Needed.

To be clear, its illegal to make moonshine without a license from the federal government. If youre willing to throw down the time, money and pain involved in getting a Federal liquor distillers license, you can make your own moonshine all day long legally.

In 2010, legal moonshine stills opened in some parts of the south, including South Carolina, Kentucky, Georgia, and Alabama. These produced legal moonshine for sale and distribution. The product became quite popular for its representation of cultural history.

Is limoncello distilled?

Once were done distilling the vodka, we turn it into limoncello. People tend to think limoncello is tart because of citric acid, but it should taste tart from lemons! We get our lemons from California and zest one lemon at a time. Obviously, making limoncello this way is a labor of love.

Can I sell alcohol infused fruit?

Generally YES, provided you comply with the many regulations on sale of alcoholic beverages and do not create a likelihood of confusion of consumers as to source of your products, and as long as the owner of the brand name does not...

Is infused liquor illegal?

Police say The Pumps storage of infused liquor violated federal law, prompting a municipal citation. A police spokesman cited federal law saying establishments that sell liquor may not add any substance whatsoever to any liquor bottle that alters the original contents.

What is the easiest alcohol to make at home?

Most people will agree that mead is the easiest alcohol to make because it requires very little equipment and ingredients. If you dont have the items already in your pantry, you can easily procure them from the grocery store. To make mead, you need about 2-3 pounds of honey for 1 gallon/3.78 liter of water.

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