Question: What genre is like a storm?

What kind of band is Like a Storm?

rock band Like a Storm is a New Zealand rock band from Auckland, New Zealand, best known for combining heavy baritone guitar riffs and hard rock songs with didgeridoo. They are the highest charting New Zealand hard rock band in American radio history.

Who is the lead singer of Like a Storm?

Like a Storm formed in Auckland in 2005 around talented siblings Chris (lead vocals, guitar, keys, didgeridoo), Matt (lead guitar, vocals, keys, programming), and Kent Brooks (bass, vocals, keys, programming), and their friend Zach Wood (drums).

How old is Chris Brooks like a storm?

Chris BrooksQUICK FACTSCountryNew ZealandReligionNot AvailableAge34 years, 1 months, 20 daysHoroscopeCancer2 more rows

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