Question: Where do the rich hang out in DC?

What is the richest neighborhood in DC?

22066 Great Falls. Median household income 2019: $228,067. 20816 Bethesda. Median household income 2019: $216,604. 20854 Potomac. Median household income 2019: $213,724. 22039 Fairfax Station. Median household income 2019: $207,724. 20861 Ashton. 20817 Bethesda. 22101 McLean. 20896 Garrett Park. •22 Apr 2021

Where do most people that work in DC live?

Nowadays, real estate in the district is extremely scarce, so most people who work in D.C. live in suburbs in neighboring Virginia and Maryland.

Is Washington DC the most expensive place to live?

D.C. residents spend nearly 60 percent more than the rest of the country for living. The average home price in the city is above $636,000, according to Zillow.

Where do celebs stay in DC?

Since the hotels recent, extensive renovation, the W has become one of the top spots for celebrity sightings (Lady Gaga, for example). Willard Intercontinental: Four Seasons: Ritz-Carlton (Georgetown): Mayflower Hotel: Jefferson Hotel: Hay-Adams: •28 Jun 2010

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