Question: What did Friedrich Schiller believe?

Letters of Aesthetic Education (1795) is Schillers most influential work and the clearest expression of his belief that art, rather than religion, plays a central role in the moral education of an individual.

What did Friedrich Schiller write about?

Schillers philosophical work was particularly concerned with the question of human freedom, a preoccupation which also guided his historical research, such as on the Thirty Years War and the Dutch Revolt, and then found its way as well into his dramas: the Wallenstein trilogy concerns the Thirty Years War, while Don ...

What was Schiller known for?

Johann Christoph Friedrich Schiller (1759–1805) is best known for his immense influence on German literature. In his relatively short life, he authored an extraordinary series of dramas, including The Robbers, Maria Stuart, and the trilogy Wallenstein.

What is a Schiller in crime and punishment?

Get the entire Crime and Punishment LitChart as a printable PDF. He accuses Raskolnikov of being a “Schiller,” or a young romantic, a man of ideals in a world that no longer respects morality and goodness. They vow to part ways, but when they leave Raskolnikov follows behind Svidrigailov on the street.

WHat is Svidrigailov afraid of?

Svidrigailov, since their first meeting, has frequently asserted that there was something in common between them. He was afraid of Sonya. . .he must go his own way or hers. But Raskolnikov is also convinced that his and Svidrigailovs evil-doings could not be of the same kind.

How much is a Rouble in crime and punishment?

rouble The main Russian monetary unit. At the time of the novel, the rouble consisted of 100 copeks and was worth approximately 50 cents. Thus when Raskolnikov pawns his watch for 1 1/2 roubles, he received approximately 75 cents.

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