Question: Was Office Space a flop?

Mike Judges workplace satire “Office Space,” which celebrates its 20th anniversary Feb. 19, was a bona fide box office flop when it grossed a measly $10.8 million in 1999.Mike Judge

Did Peter keep the money Office Space?

Well, he finally did it. After leaving the money and a note to Lumbergh in the Initech building, Peter later drove by to see the building in flames. The note was destroyed and Peter got away with the stealing scheme. Milton found the money and took off to a tropical destination with it.

Who burned down Initech?

Re: Did Milton set Initech on fire? Definitely Milton. He found the money, realized theres no way anybody would trace the fire to him, so he took the money and burned the place down.

What was the original ending of office space?

In the end, Peter decides to throw it all away for a construction job, where doing simple manual labor will ostensibly give him the real satisfaction of making or doing something with his hands, and clocking out at the end of the day to leave it all behind.

How many bosses did Peter have in Office Space?

Eight bosses Peter Gibbons: “Eight bosses.”

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