Question: What is the accusative of Sie?

What is the accusative form of Sie?

Pronouns and Possessive ArticlesNominativeAccusativePossessive Articlesiesieihresesseintheythemtheirwirunsunser5 more rows

What is accusative in German?

The accusative case, akkusativ, is the one that is used to convey the direct object of a sentence; the person or thing being affected by the action carried out by the subject. ...

What is the dative case of Sie?

Personal pronounsNominativeDativewirunsihreuchsieihnenSieIhnen4 more rows

What are the accusative prepositions in German?

Accusative prepositionsfür – – round, around.durch – through.gegen – against.entlang – along (usually placed after the noun, rather than before it)bis – until.ohne – without.wider – against, contrary to something.

Is auf accusative or dative?

auf is a two-way-preposition. The Dative expresses that something is on top of something and Accusative tells us that on top of something is the destination of the action. Die Katze sitzt auf dem Tisch.

What are the two main uses of the accusative case?

The accusative case is used for the direct object of transitive verbs, for the internal object (mostly of intransitive verbs), for the subject of a subordinate infinitive (that is, not as the subject of the historical infinitive), to indicate place to which, extent or duration, and for the object of certain ...

Is Zu a Dativ?

Dative prepositions require nouns that are in the dative case. The 9 German prepositions that always require that the noun in the phrase be in the dative case are aus, außer, bei, mit, nach, seit, von, zu, gegenüber.

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