Question: Who was the fake brave of the six flowers?

Adlet Mayer (アドレット・マイア, Adoretto Maia?), called Adlet Myer in the anime, is the main protagonist of Rokka no Yuusha and one of the Braves from the third generation. He is one of the 7 heroes trapped inside the mist barrier.

Is Nashetania a Brave?

Gathering of the Braves Arc After incapacitating both warriors and the royal guards, he is thrown into jail. Impressed by his fight, Nashetania sneaked inside, disguised as a maid, to meet Adlet. After being moved to his prison cell, he was chosen as a Brave during one night.

Who is the real seventh brave?

They have a discussion, and everyone decides that the 7th is Hans, who decides to kill Flamie to awake the other machinery laid by Tegnyuu. However Hans insists that Adlet is the 7th, but everyone puts in a good word for Adlet and since the zombies are coming near, they decide to escape.

Is Adlet Mayer a girl?

1 Light Novel Volume 1, Adlet is a young boy.

Is Adlet the 7th?

The fight intensifies and Tegnyuu tells Flamie everything, that Adlet is the 7th, that Adlet only loves her because of Tegnyuus powers. But Adlet tells Flamie that he will turn all lies into truth and charges into a flock of fiends.

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