Question: Who was Bruce Springsteen first married to?

Julianne Phillips is a former model and actress. She is also recognized for being the first wife of American musician Bruce Springsteen. Bruce and his wife were only married for three years. Julianne is also famous for her roles on popular TV shows and films such as Sisters, Fletch Lives, and Big Bully.

Who was Bruce Springsteen first wife?

Julianne Phillips She first attracted attention for becoming the first wife of Bruce Springsteen and later for her role as Francesca Frankie Reed on the television drama series Sisters (1991–1996)....Julianne PhillipsOccupationModel, actressYears active1982–1997Spouse(s)Bruce Springsteen ​ ​ ( m. 1985; div. 1989)​2 more rows

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