Question: What is Gege?

Gege (Manchu: ᡤᡝᡤᡝ; Chinese: 格格; pinyin: Gégé; Wade–Giles: Ko2-ko2) is the Manchurian word for an unmarried daughter. During the Qing Dynasty, it was the Manchu style of an imperial-born princess of an emperor. Daughters of the all imperial princes above the rank of jiangjun also used the same title.

What does Gege mean in Philippines?

you just belong to him.

What does it mean to call someone Gege?

1y. If youre not related and you call someone gege it means that youre really close, so a guy who likes a girl and sees her calling someone gege would probably get jealous and be all you also need to call me gege. Huang Rong in Condor Heroes always calls her husband Jing Gege.

What does shut your Gege mean?

A hilarious toddler in Glasgow told her uncle to shut yer geggie — which means shut your mouth in Scottish — and gleefully said Im going to be rude to you.

What is AWIT mean?

Awit is a millennial term. Its a combination of 2 words, awww and sakit , thus the word Awit. Means aww sakit. Used when you are describing an unfortunate situation.

What does GE mean in Tagalog?

Ge is short for sige, which means “sure” or “go ahead.” Its something you say when youre agreeing with someone about something. When invited to go on a quest, for instance, you say ge if you want to come. Gamer Friend: Tol, teammates tayo. “Hey, man.

What is the meaning of Mei Mei?

mèi mei. younger sister young woman CL:個|个[ge4]

What does Gege mean in Scottish?

(ˈɡɛɡɪ) n. a Scottish, esp Glaswegian, slang word for mouth1.

What is a Choob?

Choob is gaming slang for a high-level player that acts like a noob, or “a newbie,” to annoy or disrespect other players.

Is Gege a Mandarin?

Gege (Manchu: ᡤᡝᡤᡝ; Chinese: 格格; pinyin: Gégé; Wade–Giles: Ko2-ko2) is the Manchurian word for an unmarried daughter.

What is Awit and example?

The awit (Tagalog for song) is a type of Filipino poem, consisting of 12-syllable quatrains. It follows the pattern of rhyming stanzas established in the Philippine epic Pasyon. One influential work in the awit form is Florante at Laura, an 1838 narrative poem by Francisco Balagtas.

When was Awit first used?

The word Awit means song literally in Filipino. The first awards were given in 1969 at a ceremony in Makati. After three awards ceremonies were held, the Awit Awards were discontinued in 1972.

What does OMS mean in texting?

First Definiton for OMSOMSDefinition:Oh My Science!Type:AbbreviationGuessability:3: GuessableTypical Users:Adults and Teenagers

Does Mei Mei mean in Chinese?

little sister Mei-mei used to describe a little sister is used with a sharp descending fourth tone. Mandarin Chinese consists of four tones: first flat, secondary high, third deep, and fourth sharp. Two of the same words with a third tone makes the second word pronounced with a second intonation.

Is Mei a male or female name?

Mei (Japanese: 芽衣, Mandarin: 美), is a feminine Japanese and Chinese given name....Mei (given name)GenderFemaleOriginWord/nameJapanese, ChineseMeaningIt can have many different meanings depending on the character usedOther names1 more row

What is the Scottish word for goodbye?

In Scottish Gaelic, to say Goodbye, you can say mar sin leat which should be pronounced as mar shin lat. Note that this is an informal way of saying farewell.

What is a geggie?

Geggie means a persons mouth - used to tell someone to shut your geggie.

What does Baw mean in Scottish?

noun Scottish. 1. a ball. 2. a slang word for testicle.

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