Question: Is Audi TT a small car?

The Audi TT is a small sports car which is stylish to look at, fun to drive and very easy to live with. The TTs cabin is one of the most instantly recognisable of any small sports car thanks to its neat trio of air vents, uncluttered design and huge digital drivers display which you get as standard.

Is Audi TT a ladies car?

The Audi TT is a very feminine car. Its small, its dinky, and it sits low to the ground like the very best roadsters and coupes. The Mercedes SLK arguably looks nicer than the Audi TT but there isnt an option for an all wheel drive version.

Is Audi TT a cool car?

Despite their flaws, though, theyve always been cool little sports cars that fans actually like quite a bit. The TT has never been the sharpest sports car in the segment, nor the fastest or most exciting. However, its always looked great and its always been an affordable way to get a stylish sports car.

Can I fit in an Audi TT?

Rear space The TTs two rear seats are pretty confined; even teenagers will feel cramped and taller adults wont fit without some extreme contortions. However, both seats do have Isofix mounts, so they can take a child seat, although doing this will require sliding the front seat forward quite a long way.

Can you fit a child seat in a TT?

Youll be able to accommodate the new born in the front seat in a rear facing child seat but you MUST disable the airbag.

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