Question: How can I get free speed cubes?

How do you get sponsored for cubing?

Please contact us at to arrange sponsorship of your competition.

How can I make my cube faster?

1:2210:00Making the FASTEST Turning Rubiks Cube - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipAnyway maglev tension is basically what you do is replace a spring which of course has the job ofMoreAnyway maglev tension is basically what you do is replace a spring which of course has the job of being able to be compressed like this and replace that with a pair of night.

Who sponsors the cube?

Beiersdorf is to promote its Nivea Stress Protect antiperspirant through sponsorship of the returning ITV Saturday-night show The Cube.

Who is sponsored by Gan?

GANCUBE built up the GAN Gurus team, the team includes 2013,2015 World-Champion Feliks Zemdegs, the 2017 Paris World-Champion Max Park, 2019 Sydney World-Champion Philipp Weyer and many other cube masters; Besides that, GANCUBE sponsored Chinas 10th Anniversary Championship 2017, Paris World Rubiks Cube Championship ...

Is Vaseline good for Rubiks cube?

A good speed cube must turn well and it must be tensioned correctly. Some people use vaseline (also known as petroleum jelly) because its more common in every household but its worth buying a silicone spray for about 2$ because it can do real magic. ...

Can you use wd40 on a Rubiks cube?

WD-40. Known for damaging cubes by wearing the pieces in and making them harder to turn, this does not actually act as a lubricant for the plastic at all. However, there have been some success stories of WD-40 being used on cubes and making them smoother. It is recommended you do not use this.

Which is the easiest cube in the world?

1. Easiest The nine-block Floppy Cube is one layer of a classic Rubiks, so its perfect for a beginner twister. When it is scrambled, smooth movers can solve it in as few as eight clicks. Even random guessers will get there eventually; the colors have only 192 possible combinations.

Is MoYu or GAN better?

moyu definitely isnt better than gan. More accurately: theyre two very different companies that produce very different puzzles, so to say one is better than the other is completely pointless.

Is Gan the apple of cubing?

As the World-Famous speedcube brand, GANCUBE, with breakthrough innovative designs, including smart cubes, Magnetic cubes, Light-Weighted, twisty puzlles, cube robots and other products. With original design and powerful performance, GANCUBE is recognized as the “Apple lnc.” among the Cube companies.

What is the most expensive Gan cube?

GAN 356 AIR M: $46.99 (Hint: most of the best and most expensive speed cubes are currently from GAN). This puzzle comes with an adjustment tool that you use to change the elasticity of the puzzle.

Can you oil a Rubiks cube?

Lube can either make it easier when turning the Rubiks Cube or allow for smoother turning. Lubes can even be used to slow down the Cube. Lubes used on Cubes include petroleum jelly (also used on skin), silicone oils, shock oil, differential oil, homemade lubes, and water-based oils.

Is Vaseline a good lubricant for Rubiks cube?

Being a petroleum based lubricant it will speed the deterioration of the pieces as well as the internal mechanism. Some people recommend using vaseline for a while to wear down the inside of the cube (almost like breaking in the cube) before using other lubricants.

How do you oil a speed cube?

In general, to lube a cube, you should apply the lubricant either by removing one piece and spraying it in, or by disassembling the cube completely and coating the pieces in lubricant. After lube is applied, it is usually best to not time a solve immediately, but rather give the lube a few minutes to work in.

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