Question: What year did Opus Sing Life is life?

Who sings the Windex commercial light is life?

Grace VanderWaal Grace VanderWaal first stunned audiences with her voice when she auditioned for Americas Got Talent just last year, and now the 13-year-old is continuing to touch hearts around the world with something a little more unexpected: a Windex commercial. On Monday (Aug.

What does OPUS mean in writing?

English Language Learners Definition of opus : a piece of music written by a major composer. : an important work done by a writer, painter, etc.

Is OPUS a Latin word?

A Latin word meaning a work, used to mean a particular piece of music by a composer.

Why it is important to live peacefully?

When you are peaceful, you are able to think clearly and control negative emotions a lot better than you can in a disturbed state of mind. This way, one can also make wise decisions related to the different aspects of life: relationships, finances (besides others), thanks to a stable and peaceful mind.

Is a peaceful life possible?

It is possible to live a simpler life - one where you truly enjoy each activity and find your own internal, peaceful place. One where you are present in everything you do. If youd like to live a more peaceful life, here are some suggestions on how you can slow down and live in the moment.

Does Grace VanderWaal do a commercial?

7) Windex released their latest commercial -- an emotional rollercoaster in just under three minutes, featuring VanderWaals endearing song Beautiful Thing from her Perfectly Imperfect EP. Leave it to the young singer to make you cry while watching an advertisement for a cleaning product.

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