Question: Are French good kissers?

Are the French good at kissing?

French kisses can be more stimulating than kisses without the tongue since the lips, tongue, and other parts of the mouth are powerful erogenous zones that contribute to sexual arousal.

Which country has best kisser?

Tourists put Italians on top When it comes to food, history and culture, the Italians and French are close rivals. However, Italy were recently crowned the undisputed master of passion, winning the title best kissers in the world.

How do the French bury their dead?

In France, burial (inhumation) without a coffin is prohibited. Burial in a communes cemetery is authorised by the Mayor. It must take place from 24 hours to six days (excluding Sundays and public holidays) following the death. A burial may be organsied by a funeral parlour or the immediate family of the deceased.

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