Question: What is the best website to learn Thai?

Can u learn Thai on duolingo?

Duolingo doesnt offer a course for native English speakers learning Thai. Duolingo offers over 90 different language courses in 22 different languages, but somehow Thai didnt make the cut.

How many weeks does it take to learn Thai?

So, how long does it take to learn basic Thai? It should take around 500 hours (20 weeks if you study 25 hours a week).

How can I speak Thai fast?

6 Tips To Learn Thai FastVocabulary Is The Key. As important as grammar is, it serves no purpose if you have no vocabulary to use it with. Find A Native Speaker To Practice With. Watch TV And Movies. Dont Be Afraid To Make Mistakes. Use A Language Learning App Like Ling. Keep in mind 5 these tips when you learn Thai.Nov 15, 2019

Why I should learn Thai language?

1. To Understand Thai People and The Culture Better. And learning basic Thai phrases can also help you understand the basic aspects of their culture. When you learn to speak Thai, you will understand minor things that make a big difference and it will be easier for you to integrate into a community.

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