Question: How many versions of Jolene are there?

Who sang the original version of Jolene?

Dolly Parton Jolene/Artists

Who did a cover of Jolene?

Lil Nas X Watch Lil Nas X perform a soulful rendition of Dolly Partons Jolene With the singers cover of Jolene, were one step closer to a Lil Nas X/Dolly Parton collaboration. Lil Nas X has collaborated with Billy Ray Cyrus and dueted with his daughter, Miley Cyrus.

Did Dolly Parton write Jolene and I Will Always Love You?

During an interview on The Bobby Bones Show, Dolly Parton revealed that she wrote her signature song Jolene on the same day that she wrote I Will Always Love You.

Did Dolly Parton get money from Whitney Houston?

Country music icon Dolly Parton has revealed that she used some of the royalties she earned from Whitney Houstons cover of her song I Will Always Love You to invest in an office complex in a Black neighborhood in Nashville, Tenn. It was mostly just Black families and people that lived around there, Parton said.

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