Question: What does Nasha mean in Urdu?

What does Nasha in Urdu mean?

The Urdu Word نشہ Meaning in English is Hangover. The other similar words are Nasha. The synonyms of Hangover include are Aftereffect, Drunkenness, Headache, Shakes, Willies, Withdrawal, Under The Weather, Delirium Tremens and Big Head.

What does Nasha mean?

/nāsha/ mn. decay intransitive verb, uncountable noun. If a society, system, or institution decays, it gradually becomes weaker or its condition gets worse.

What does Takleef mean in Urdu?

Urdu Word تکلیف - Takleef Meaning in English is Hurting.

What do we call adat in English?

/ådata/ nf. habit variable noun. A habit is something that you do often or regularly.

What is Nasaha English?

nasaha. [Kar] nm [i-/zi-] counsel, advice.

What does it mean when someone is intoxicated?

1 : affected by alcohol or drugs especially to the point where physical and mental control is markedly diminished especially : drunk. 2 : emotionally excited, elated, or exhilarated (as by great joy or extreme pleasure) …

What is the English of NUS?

/nasa/ nf. nerve countable noun. Nerves are long thin fibres that transmit messages between your brain and other parts of your body.

What is Takalluf?

The Urdu Word تکلف Meaning in English is Ailments. The other similar words are Takalluf, Dukh and Marz. The synonyms of Ailments include are Ache, Bug, Complaint, Condition, Disease, Disorder, Dose, Flu, Illness, Indisposition, Infirmity, Malady and Syndrome.

What we called Dard in English?

If part of your body aches, or if you have an ache, you feel a steady, fairly strong pain. He was aching, tired, and hungry., effective remedy for aches and pains.

Has a knack meaning?

1 : a natural ability : talent She has a knack for making friends. 2 : a clever or skillful way of doing something : trick Skating is easy once you get the knack.

Can you feel drunk in love?

No, youre not crazy: Being in love and being drunk are actually pretty much the same thing — at least according to our brains. A recent study compared the physical effects of the hormone oxytocin and alcohol and found they had near identical effects on neurological behavior.

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