Question: What happens if you block someone on OkCupid?

Can you hide your profile on OkCupid?

Incognito allows you to keep an active profile on OkCupid while being 100% hidden to anyone on the site who you have not already messaged or liked. Please note that Incognito is a separate subscription from Basic or Premium, and does not include the features of either.

What happens when someone reports you on OkCupid?

We do not let people know that they have been reported or who reported them. We also do not tell people specifically why they were banned. We want you to feel safe reporting people to us, so we will not share your information or details with anyone.

How do I change my search on OkCupid?

To publicly show who youre looking for, and to set who youd like to see in Discover youll want to edit the Looking For part of your profile, by clicking on the edit pencil icon next to that section at the bottom of your profile on the app:From there, make your selections.

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